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Handcrafted Soap

JUST like nature intended


MY products

 cleansing BODY Bars

Natural, chemical free soaps  made with the highest quality ingredients to soothe and soften your skin and fragrances that appeal to your senses.                                  

Handcrafted Shampoo Bar

Lip balms

Made with all natural ingredients to nourish your lips and no petroleum by-products.

Shampoo Bars

Designed to nourish your  scalp and clean your hair without stripping the natural oils. Longer lasting than commercial shampoos. 

Naturally Simple

Welcome to Faerie Dust Bath & Body. I am proud to offer Handcrafted Soaps, Shampoo Bars and Lip Balms free from chemicals, detergents and dyes.  I use only the highest quality ingredients.  My goal is to provide you with a pleasing experience designed to soften and soothe your skin and fragrances that appeal to your senses. 

All my products are made from scratch right here in Nepean, ON. 


Please make sure to read the ingredient list to ensure that you are not allergic to anything.  Everyone is different and no two people will react the same way.  If you are using a soap or shampoo bar for the first time I highly recommend you start by washing your hands or the inside of your elbow for a day or two.  If a reaction occurs please stop using the product.  I cannot guarantee that all my products will be appropriate for every type of skin.

Do not get soap in your eyes or other mucus membranes. Not for internal use. If irritation occurs please discontinue use.