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About fiona

Welcome! I hope you look around and try out a few of my products.  They are all made with love.


I started out making a shampoo bar for myself as I suffer from psoriasis and had a really bad breakout on my scalp. I had long suspected that the chemicals etc in commercial shampoos could be exacerbating this condition.   I found a Shampoo Bar recipe  for Scalp Psoriasis and thought why not give it a try?  I had nothing to lose.  With the success of the shampoo bar and the fun I had making it I decided to try making a few different shampoo bars as well as soaps, but not just fancy colourful soaps.  My soaps/shampoo bars are made from ingredients that are completely natural and are designed to be beneficial to both skin and hair. 

Have you ever really read the ingredient list on commercially made soaps and shampoos?  It's scary!  Unpronounceable chemicals, additives and artificial dyes (that are known to cause problems).  You are putting those things on your body and the bodies of your children everyday and, since what we put on our skin (our largest organ) ends up inside our bodies, we are slowly poisoning ourselves.  

Many people love using lip balms especially during the cold, dry winters.  Many commercial lip balms are made with petroleum by-products which can actually be damaging over time, actually contributing to dry lips.  My lip balms have no petroleum by-products.

I have been using my soaps/shampoo bars on myself and realised the benefits: my skin is softer and and more moisturised and my hair is also softer and my scalp is healthier.  Then I asked family and friends to be my testers and got positive feedback from them.  I want to share the benefits of using quality, natural, chemical free products with as many people as possible and so Faerie Dust Bath & Body was born.