While oils and lye are essential to soap making there are all kinds of additives you can incorporate into the soap to give it that something extra; making it not only look great, but feel great to use.  Since I use only natural ingredients in my soaps you will not find any chemicals or dyes.  I do not use Micas, Oxides or Ultramarines either as these are all made in labs. When I say "Additives" I mean ingredients that add colour, nutrients, texture or give the soap extra properties it didn't have before, like a shampoo bar or shaving bar. 


The following are some of the items that I use in my soap making:

Natural Herbal Ingredients:  Spices, herbs, flowers, waxes and food items. 

Items like cocoa powder, cinnamon, beeswax, lavender, oatmeal, chamomile and calendula can all add texture, visual and beneficial qualities to your soaps, but are all natural products.

Colourants: The only colourants I use are Mineral Clays and certain powders like Chlorella.  Some of the Herbal ingredients will also lend colour to the soaps.

Mineral Clays: These clays are soft, fine-grained mineral substances that have great cleansing and purifying properties. 

Minerals: Salts and pumice.

Anti-oxidants & Preservatives:  Sodium Lactate, Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE), Vitamin E